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Monday, May 6, 2013

DBX Dual Band Radio and Cell Phone Dock!!!!

DBX Dual Band and Cell Phone

The Alianza DXB by Bricom Solutions

(Alianza= latin for 'Alliance') (DXB = Docking Cross Breed Technology)
The first docking device that turns your smartphone into a full working traditional multi-band walkie-talkie. Allowing you to seamless communicate with other two way radio (Motorola, Kenwood, Icom, Yaseu, etc). With IP operating mode, the DXB can bridge communications allowing for repeater mode operations, phone patching, PC and smartphone RoIP communicating and more.  This allows the merging of a smartphone and two-way radio into one device with the added benefit of being a protective rugged case for your smartphone. Eliminating the need for you to carry multiple devices.  The multi-band feature allows the two-way radio to communicate across all frequency bands(VHF, UHF, 800Mhz) allowing for seamless interoperability. It also uses your existing smartphones data to extend the communication distance from 25 miles to anywhere in the world using Radio-Over-IP repeater/gateway feature. The device supports LTE networks. It is also a waterproof, shock proof and crush proof casing. The device works for most smartphones including iPhone, iPod Touch, Android, Windows Mobile phone, and Blackberry.Features include:
- Traditional two-way features allowing for communication with any two-way radio on the market
- Available for iPhone (4/4s/5), iPod Touch, Android Phones, Windows 8 Phones, and the Blackberry Z10
- Multi-band operations (VHF: 136-174, UHF:380-520, 800Mhz) Narrowband compliant
- Over 1,000 channels with multiple Zones and Priority scan
- Field Programmable and PC programmable for advance features
- Rechargeable/removable battery gives your smartphone extra power
- Removable antenna
- Output power: 5/6 watts VHF, 4/6 watts UHF, 3 watts 800MHz
- IP Push-to-talk for when you are out of walkie-talkie range
- Repeater mode (RoIP)
- Rugged • Shock & Dust Proof
- LTE network capability
- Voice Encryption
- 2-Tone Encode/Decode
- Trunking capability

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