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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Ham Radio Freedom - From KK6HG

Ham Radio Freedom - From KK6HG

 There is no longer a logging requirement for ham radio, so there will not be the possibility of an audit of personal logs that were previously mandated regarding your historical communications. The frequencies and modes are so varied that it would require a team to try to understand the vagaries of the communications of one small group of radio operators. There is no ESN assigned to your device that allows the government to track you. The common usage of directional antennas in ham radio would require an interceptor to not only know the band, frequency, mode, and time of the transmission but, to effectively calculate angles and azimuths and place himself in the path of the signal with suitable equipment. Too close or too far from a transmitter would cause an interceptor to miss the communication entirely when ionospheric bounces are involved in international communications. Most ham communications immediately vanish into the ether after the conversation and it would require an old school recorder, a pair of headphones, and a real-time dedicated team of government operators spinning the dial to try to grab a snapshot of your specific communications. The truth of the matter is that this is cost prohibitive and is not often attempted on a domestic level. Why would law enforcement agencies bother trying to mobilize a bunch of unionized, carpal tunnel, flexitime, flexiplace, overtime-seeking, perdiem-seeking teams for one-off targeted intercepts anyway when Americans have given up gazillions of bits of data that only require a contractor-provided computer system to profile, slice, dice, sort, and spit out the desired results

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