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Wednesday, August 7, 2013


I finally got around to removing the stock antenna block from the board and connected the 2.4 GHz yagi direct. I mounted the board in a smaller enclosure and began the task of cranking down the tower (down is the easy part). Once the tower was down to the roof level I was able to get on the roof and mount the yagi and enclosure. The goal was to connect with another node 12.5 km away. After the tower was raised back up the node is sitting at about 50'.

Despite efforts on both ends, we were unable to connect. I took another node and connected it to a 12v socket for mobile power and took a drive down the highway.

I was only able to connect about 1.9 km from the house. I suspect the cheap yagi doesn't deliver the punch that a full size grid will provide. I'll get one ordered and see if we can make the trip. Meanwhile, I have updated the firmware to v1.0.0 which is now Broadband-Hamnet.

I have a pulley at the top of the tower for my 20m double bazooka and as I was pulling it back into position, the rope broke and the entire dipole came crashing down. The Texas heat was pushing 100 degrees so I decided to wait until the next morning to lower the tower, add a new rope and raise the tower back.

It was a good effort and we will eventually connect. Then we can add connections to the other Meshers in town. Once the grid antenna arrives, I'll repost our efforts.

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