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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Pay Now or Pay Later

When mounting my 20m dipole atop my 55' tower, I had the forthought to add a pulley so I could raise and lower it. Then I grabbed some random rope that I had laying around, pulled it all the way up  and hung both legs in trees in the front and back yard. This worked great for about 8 months. Then yesterday I noticed the rope broke on one of the legs.

So I examined the rope at the ground end and found that the rope was weathered and broke with minimal effort. 

" No problem" I thought to myself since I was wise enough to install the pulley. I can just lower it enough to tie on a new rope and raise it back up. Should only take a few moments. I already had to go to Lowes so I grabbed some UV resistant rope that should last a while. 
Today when I tied to lower the dipole the rope would not move thru the pulley. About 20' up a grape vine had fused the rope together. I jumped up on the roof and pulled the vines free and was quickly back on track. I lowered the dipole down until the leg was at arms length. I tied the new and improved UV rope on the leg and began to raise the antenna back into palace. 
About 5 feet from the top the dipole, rope and Pulley all came crashing down.

It was a moment filled with several involuntary expletives. I used a heavy duty cable tie to attach the pulley and it pulled free. It didn't break, but the result was the same. 

So tomorrow I will crank down the tower and use a u-bolt and re-install the whole system, as long as something else doesn't break. ;)

What's the moral of this story???  Use top quality parts no matter how easy the repair could be. 
You pay now or you pay later!!!

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