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Monday, August 11, 2014

Motorola Droid Maxx Review

This is a little off the beaten path from Amateur Radio, but I'll explain why it's relevant. I've had the Droid Maxx since January 2014 and agree with everything but the bad camera review. I switched from iPhone because of the poor battery life and constant ball and chain of iOS. This 3500 mAh battery is amazing and 48 hours with normal usage is an understatement. Another point that even Motorola does not boast about it is the Maxx's water resistant coating. I've seen several videos of the phone being dropped in a bathtub and held under a faucet. This makes it a great choice for Skywarn. With the outstanding battery life and not having to fret about getting rained on, I can run my radar apps, NWS chat, and play in the rain with out any worry what so ever.

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