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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Repeater Progress

Slowly making progress on what will be the 70cm NU5G repeater.

The primary use for this 440 MHz. repeater will be for general use of local Hams. It will also be used with Skywarn and will make an excellent back up for the N5RCA club repeater. With an available 100 watts, it should be a nice addition for ham communications in the area.  I have the controller software all sorted out and a prospect for a good closed cabinet for the entire system to sit in. The power supply, duplexer and cavities will take some time to acquire and install in the cabinet, but I also have a source lined up for each of them. All things considered, I should have this project together before Thanksgiving and can begin testing the system on my 55' tower. Once all the bugs are worked out, the chore of finding a site with some elevation will begin. Stay tuned for updates.  


Anonymous said...

Dang it! Now, you're going tome me buy yet ANOTHER radio! hihi. W5CWT

Keith Ballow said...

Thanksgiving is almost here! Better get busy with this project!

Jon Brunner said...

LoL!!! I have that whole week off! Should make some progress then.

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