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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

442.300 repeater is up and running.

After several months of slow progress, the 442.300 repeater is on the air in Henderson. This repeater is a Tait rack with the T855-20 receiver, T857-20 exciter and T859-20 PA. Recently added is the Motorola TLE2351A 250w Duplexer and an ID-O-Matic controller. I used some aluminum tube stock that was laying around to mount on for now. The frequency coordination with Texas VHF-FM Society was only about a two day turn around.

The repeater is located at my shack and is on my 55' crank up tower. I recently added a 20' pipe which puts the center of the Diamond fiberglass antenna around 80'. It is working well for the limited height and for the crap coax and dual Diamond. My biggest joy, other than getting her working, was being able to work the repeater from inside our local Wal-Mart - typically a dead zone.

The 2k trim pot was loose in the 859 and at one time someone tried to heat it up and set it from the top of the PCB. Evidence was in the form of a large melted spot in the shape of a soldering iron. The heat job froze the pot at 700 Ohms. A close friend of mine, KN5G, gave me a trim pot which I damaged shortly after the install. New ones are on the way and I'm using a 20k for now that is tucked under the cover. Adjustment of the 20k pot was rough but she's running at 55w into the duplexer and 42w out to the antenna. I somewhat understand why they tried heating it from the front, because the tear down and rebuild took me over 3 hours.

Eventually, we will have to find this machine a new home with some altitude and fine tune it for that site. For now we'll run her as she sits. 

So if you're traveling through Henderson, tune to 442.300 (+ 5MHz) - no PL tone and say hello! 

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