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Sunday, September 13, 2015

442.300 Repeater Update

Progress on the 442.300 repeater has been real good. We still need some elevation to make this machine worth while, but plans are in the works to move it soon. Also, working out all the issues with the repeater in my shack is much better than running to a tower site multiple times. 

I purchased an Id-O-Matic IV and replaced the version II controller. The IV connects via USB and also has a voice module. The IV has many more features during programming and future firmware updates are easy to apply.

I had my daughter record the beacon and ID message. Here's a quick video of me kerchunking the repeater.

I did some work for a local communications company and received some gear in trade for my services. The first item was 180' of Andrews 1/2" Heliax. My tower is only 55' tall and the shack is about 40' away so the rest of the heliax is coiled up inside. This was a great addition and helped reduce the loss over the RG-8x that I was using.

 The next barter item is the crown jewel of the repeater. Pictured is the DB-420b antenna. This is a 16 bay antenna with a gain of 11.3 dBi.

Took some work to get on top of the tower, but well worth the effort.

Another barter item was this Astron RM-35m power supply mounted above the Tait repeater.

Decided that I had better get the 131.8 hz tone added to the repeater so I borrowed an EPROM eraser from a friend and bought a burner off of Amazon. I was able to program the tone in, but put off wiring audio 2 through the RX to the TX until later.

Meanwhile, the application for Yaesu's System Fusion DR-1X was approved by Yaesu. So, in the next 4 to 8 weeks I expect to receive the Fusion repeater and will give an unboxing video and another update.

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