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Monday, March 14, 2016

442.300 Repeater Update

It has been a while since the last post on Texas Ham Radio, so I thought an update on the 442.3 repeater would be a good idea.

The current configuration is the Yaesu Fusion repeater running on low power into a 35w RCA TacTec Amplifier into the Celwave duplexers. Directly after the duplexers is 11 feet of  RG-214 coax. This is Mil-C-17 Spec, double shielded with silver braid and solid silver center coax. Expensive at almost $5 per foot, but provided the least amount of rejected power over going directly to the 1/2" heliax. After the RG-214 is an MFJ Lightning arrestor. This will be replaced with a PolyPhaser soon. After the arrestor is the 1/2" heliax (170' coiled up) that runs to the DB-420b on top of a 55' crank up tower.

In the current configuration the repeater output is 5w into the amp and 30w out at the heliax. A loss of 5w seems pretty good with all the UHF connectors still in use. 

I have acquired 100' of Rohn 45 that I will be installing to replace the 55' crank up.  Currently, the range of the repeater is very limited. The extra height should add some much needed distance to the repeater coverage area.

The repeater is running in full auto mode allowing digital and analog communications. Several other repeaters are in the surrounding counties and are running AMS/FIX, which takes all signals and converts them to analog on the repeater output. Once more people get Fusion radios, I expect they will go full AMS as well.

If you are traveling through Henderson, tune in and give us a shout.
442.300 +5 Mhz with a PL tone of 131.8

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